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Kebolehan membaca merupakan pemangkin penerokaan anak-anak ke alam ilmu pengetahuan. Dengan mempunyai asas membaca, anak-anak akan mendapati dunia ini sangat luas dan menyeronokkan.

Program “Saya Mahir Membaca” ini merupakan program bacaan awal yang lengkap bagi kanak-kanak antara 4 hingga 8 tahun.

Program “Saya Mahir Membaca” ini mengandungi 6 peringkat yang disusun secara sistematik. Kanak-kanak diperkenalkan dengan sistem bunyi dan suku kata secara berperingkat-peringakat dan berulang.



How can parents help their children with learning to read? If you were to ask 100 different people whose children learn to read, you will probably get 100 different answers. How ever the main skill which children need to develop are:-

  • pre-reading
  • phonics
  • word recognition

The “I Learn To Read” program is a complete and systematic program  with the objective of helping children to read well from early age. This program comprises 6 comprehensive levels that will develop the ability to read and understand wide range of English vocabularies and side words.

Children will spend with our skilled English reading trainers for an hour daily for 3 consecutive days in a week and be exposed to multitude of English vocabularies and side words. By recognizing such words child will not only able to read well but able to construct English sentences

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