Word Substitution

A . Word Substitution

A single  word can replace a group of words without changing its meaning .

B . Examples

abdicated : gave up the throne

accelerating : increasing the speed

braggart : boastful person

coincides : occurs on the same day

contaminated : made impure

deteriorated : became worse

determined : made up one’s mind

diminishing : becoming less and less

discovered  : found out

drizzling : raining slightly

erased : wiped out

essential : extremely important and necessary

fantastic :  extremely good

favourite : best liked

feverish : suffering from fever

fortnight : two weeks

fragile : easily broken

generally : on the whole

gloomy : very sad

immortal : continue to live forever

master : become an expert in

migratory : move from one region to another

nightmare : frightening dream

popular : liked by many people

recovering : getting better

rejoiced : were filled with joy

released : set free

retaliate : hit back

retire : go to bed

retrieve : get back

sobbing : crying noisily

submerged : under the water

subside : go down

trustworthy : can be trusted

voluntary : not forced

whispering : talking in a low voice


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